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In the past 22 years, Good-Ark has gradually grown from a school-run factory deep in a small alley to a nationally known and world-famous leading diode enterprise. Nowadays, Good-Ark has started our second adventure. In our first journey, we have developed from scratch to become famous in China. In our second adventure we will move from being renowned in China to be famous worldwide.

We are grateful to our veteran employees and leaders for past 22 years, to all our customers and suppliers, and to all the good friends who have helped us. We are grateful to every Good-Ark member who loves and cares about Good-Ark for their silent dedication and heartfelt efforts. I hope that new members of the company will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the company, its growth, future development, and vision. At the same time, we also hope to let our customers and suppliers see how our company is growing and developing, so as to achieve a better win-win cooperation.

I have looked back on the countless sleepless nights we had when we first started our company, I spent almost all of my time in the factory, and "treat factory as home" became a good tradition for Good-Ark officers since then. A lot of our members have lived in factory for work, including President Yang, Youxi, and all of the chief assistants. In 1991, the factory was just starting up, and many things still needed to be implemented. At that stage, I felt that every day passed very quickly, and I usually finished my work after 1:00 am. At that time, I would hold pre-shift meetings and post-shift meetings with everyone. Sometimes we would come to the production line in the midnight in order to check the situation of the night shift, and we would get up again at five o'clock in the morning to start the whole day's work. People say: Happy times always fly quickly. At that time, I really felt like there were only three months in one year, so I always feel happy and blessed when I look back on that time. I believe that every Good-Ark family member who devotes all their enthusiasm and energy to work will have this experience.

Over the last 22 years, our successive Vice Presidents and Plant Managers, our Ministers and Managers, each and every one of our veteran staff...everyone is the person I am most thankful to!

Good-Ark is a big happy family: let every family member feel the warmth of "home". This is my heartfelt wish. Since the beginning, I have regarded the company as my own child, and every employee is my family member. I remember when I started the company in 1991, there was a lack of capital, and I was running around every month for the staff's salary. We saved on expenses in order to buy a machine. When there was no funding to do a new project, we will ask others to help.……We tried to solve all the difficulties at that time. I was just thinking that whatever it takes we should make our employees feel at peace. Therefore, when the company just started to make profits in the first month, I said in the meeting that the profits should be used to improve the salary and benefits of the employees and let all the employees share the happiness of the company.

Certainly, besides the tangible and limited material benefits, I can bring more precious wealth to everyone in Good-Ark, and I hope every member can appreciate the preciousness of this spiritual wealth. I hope every member of Good-Ark can know and understand the value and meaning of life. During the 22 years journey, I have truly understood that "Our corporate values are built upon employee happiness and customer appreciation!" Only to let the employees get both spiritual and material harvest is the purpose of our enterprise.

"Moral cultivation is the root of being a human being. Money is the least important. It is something outside the body". How to make our employees get more wealth and let them know the double harvest of spiritual wealth and material wealth, the root lies in education. Since last year, I have been promoting education, or employee-wide learning, as an important matter for the company. The purpose of this is that every employee who comes to work at Good-Ark does not just come here for a paycheck.

I hope that every employee can know how to be filial to parents and respect elders, know the right way to educate children, know how to care for society and serve others. To be able to open another window in everyone's life so that everyone knows the true meaning of life. This is the purpose of learning and promoting noble virtues.

Just like the humanistic care and public charity of our eight modules of happy enterprise, what is the purpose of caring? We help others is to let others really get help in their lives, not just letting them feel how much material wealth and how much material things are given to them. In addition, we can give them the right ideas and spiritual wealth so that each person knows that caring for society and serving others is the real happiness. The people being helped feel that they are also be needed and have the ability to give and help others. Such care is part of education. Therefore, education should make every person turn suffering into happiness, evil into good, confusion into awareness, complexity into simplicity, indifference into compassion, employees into the family, site into the dojo, and suppliers into customers...... These are the concrete manifestation of the effect of education.

We want everyone to understand what happiness is. Spiritual satisfaction can only be obtained on the basis of selfless altruism. Because the more profit is shared, the more love is given, the warmer it is, education is to make everyone know what is really needed and wanted. After thinking clearly about the meaning of life, our journey will have a clear direction, and we will be able to remove a lot of unnecessary baggage so that every step we take will be firm and solid.

"First cultivate your character, then you can govern the country and make the world peaceful", my biggest wish is that all the 2,000+ family members of the company can become "happy employees." My heart has been hoping that every Good-Ark employee is a model of a happy employee, a good son, a good daughter, a good son-in-law, a good father, a good daughter-in-law and a good mother at home, a good volunteer worker in the community, a good employee and a good cadre in the company, and a bearer of sage culture, a practitioner of low-carbon travel, etc. Over 2,000 models of "happy employees" will lead every enterprise and every employee in China and the world to do the same in the future. Then our society will truly become a harmonious and common world.

I am very grateful to all of you who have contributed to Good-Ark over the past 22 years. You are the most precious asset of our company. With the foundation of 22 years and the creation of a model happy company in the past three years, we have proven that the value of the company can go beyond and develop towards the realm of altruism and selflessness.

Thousands of companies have come to visit and learn from Good-Ark's model of a happy company so far. They are looking forward to learning from the eight modules of Good-Ark's Happy Enterprise Model. We are glad to see that more and more entrepreneurs and more and more knowledgeable people are taking social responsibility and making employee happiness one of their corporate priorities. This is what I am very happy to see. When the model was created, it was one of the original intentions: to drive more companies and organizations to take social responsibility, enhance employee happiness, and create a harmonious and happy society.

As you know, the vision of Good-Ark is "to bring the culture of sage to the world for the benefit of all mankind." Every Good-Ark family member is the source of power for this vision. To achieve this vision, we need to be guided by the Good-Ark family motto: "Self-reflection and altruism." It refers to "self-reflection when things don't work," which is the root of the problem solving.

Self-reflection is also a recipe for resolving all crises. For many years, I have been insisting on: to do my best for my staff, for the enterprise, and for the society with a selfless and altruistic heart. Today, I would like to encourage all Good-Ark family members and all Good-Ark friends all over the world: "Let's work together and give our efforts for the world and all things in heaven and earth with the spirit of selflessness."

September 8, 2013

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