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The company has received honorary titles such as Top 10 Semiconductor Power Device Enterprises in China, Top 10 Famous Semiconductor Enterprises in China's Electronics Industry, 50 Innovative Enterprises in China's Electronic Information Industry, Jiangsu Province Fuxin Technology Enterprise, Vice Chairman Enterprise of China Semiconductor Discrete Device Association, and Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit.

Suzhou Good-Ark was founded in 1990. It was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2006 (stock code 002079). Our company is one of the top 10 semiconductor power device enterprises in China, one of the top 10 well-known semiconductor enterprises in China's electronics industry, one of the top 50 enterprises with innovation capacity in China's electronic information industry, a new and high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, vice chairman of China Semiconductor Discrete Devices Association and civilized units in Jiangsu Province. Part of the diode products in the top ten companies of the world come from "Suzhou Good-Ark". The company has a world-class level in diode manufacturing, and has unique characteristics in integrated circuit manufacturing.The company has mastered more than 2,000 specifications of the chip core technology. The company has been rated as a science and technology innovation enterprise early in 2009. IC packaging QFN, Sip, MEMS and other products are unique, brand influence is further enhanced, advantages in the industry is increasingly consolidated. The company's business covers international and domestic high-end customers.

With profound enterprise culture, in the nearly 10 years the company has got happy entrepreneur culture construction, traditional Chinese culture and revolutionary culture, advanced socialist culture organically combined, and constantly groping and trying for "family culture" governance model. The company has made great contribution in the moral education, the promotion of traditional Chinese culture and also the regional economic development. In December 2016, "The culture of sage practised in Suzhou Good-Ark" was officially written into the case course of Harvard Business School as a case study of Chinese-style governance model. From 2014 to 2017, Nianbo Wu, chairman of the company, has been invited to UNESCO headquarters for four times to give reports, and has also been to the United States, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries to introduce the corporate governance model of "family culture". In recent years, the company has welcomed more than 3,000 people for visiting and communication from nearly 800 enterprises, schools and institutions every year.

Introduction of Family Culture Construction 8 modules
  • 人文关怀
  • 人文教育
  • 绿色环保
  • 健康促进
  • 慈善公益
  • 志工拓展
  • 人文记录
  • 敦伦尽分




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